Dinar is the official currency of Kuwait which is introduced on April 1, 1961 at par with the British Pound Sterling. 1000 Fils comprises 1 dinar.  20 Dinars is the largest denominated currency and Dinar has strong purchase parity and highest value among the currencies of the world due to its Oil Economy. Coins are of 05,10, 20, 50 and 100 fils, and notes in denominations of KD 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, 10 and 20. Kuwaiti Central Bank is pegging its Dinar to a currency basket where US dollar is biggest component  
Kuwait has all the modern facilties like money exchanges and bank to transact money and most of the expatriates use private money exchanges to send money to their homeland since they frequently offer better rates than the banks, airport counters & hotels. Major Foreign exchange dealers located all around various areas of Kuwait.  
 Most of the money exchange companies are offer direct credit services to customer accounts of their desired denomination and country. They also provide Drafts, Swift NFET telex transfer, door to door draft delivery service, Money orders, travelers' cheques. Majority of the exchange houses have associations with world famous agents like Western Union,Travelex, Exremit for the smooth smooth services. Banks and exchange houses in Kuwait are generally competitive, speedy, accurate and reliable, but  the efficiency of the transaction also depends on the institution involved at the receiving end. The speed of transfer is the main determinant of the charge levied.
Sale and purchase of various currencies are also available aat these counters with competitive rates in retail and wholesale basis. It is advisable to check the rates from various vendors before transacting your valued money.
Al-Mulla, Kuwait Bahrain International Exchange, Bahrain Exchange, Dollorco, Oman Exchange, City Exchange  are the major companies involved in Currency Business.